[E-mail response to D&R]
 ... as a totally hopeless yet respected artist, so "what the hell".
Closing your eyes to your own faults, how can you just dismiss it as  'bathroom graffitti'?
A mentally bankrupt group like GAiNAX is like a religious cult that...
Even so, a jerk-off posing as a god (laugh) who can't get it on...
If you won't die on your own, I'll do you a favor and set fire to your studio.
Late beyond belief and totally brainless. (racuous laughter) Talk about not knowing your own limits...
I don't know if you're putting on some kind of striptease or jerk-off show, but...
...up on your pedestal, you can't possibly be aware of just how stupid you are.

Graffiti spray painted on GAiNAX Headquarters front wall/sign:
"Tenchuu" (Heaven's punishment/Divine retribution)
"Ikari rape-man"

[E-mail response to D&R]
"Shit, GAiNAX!  You've made something incredible!!
I mean - it's just too awesome!  Why did you have to stop part-way?
I can't wait 'til summer! - Get the rest out by Golden Week (Apr. 29 - May 5) - Please!!!

[E-mail response to D&R]
Fantastic!  This is the first show I've seen in a long time that lets you enjoy it even 'after' you've finished watching it!  "REBIRTH" is awesome!
You chose some very heavy themes! Shinji's despair and despondency in himself - Asuka's clinging at life and escape from the darkness of her heart! I think that everyone who sees it will feel something of their own. Eagerly awaiting part 2...

[E-mail response to D&R]
I saw DEATH and "REBIRTH" Saturday night.  My first thought after leaving the theater was "Why did I see this movie?" My teeth were tightly clenched throughout "REBIRTH" and it took some time for me to notice that I was shaking. I'm still not sure exactly 'why' I was shaking - whether from happiness or fear. I felt confused as I boarded the train.  While I was extremely
distressed, I also felt a strange happiness welling up from within me. I was probably shaking from both of these emotions. I think I may have simultaneously felt both fear and a sense of
attraction toward Director Anno's pathos (= Eva). The content of the movie was superb, and the quality of the animation far surpassed anything I had seen thus far.
        However, I felt that I had been brought face-to-face with human strength and weakness, which was rather distressing. It reminded me of the pain I  had felt as I watched the TV series. It felt as if the pathos within Director Anno's heart had been transplanted and resonated strongly with something deep inside my heart. I felt strongly that "I am not alone" and that "I don't have to feel lonely." These opposing emotions mixed together to create a very odd feeling which lasted long after the movie had ended. While I am certain that "END of EVANGELION", which is to be released this summer, will be even more painful and distressing, I am looking forward to seeing it.  Other people may not be as moved as I surely will, but this is because "Eva" has truly become an personal part of my life.

[E-mail response to D&R]
"I'll kill you, Anno! I'll kill you, Anno! ..."

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