and, others...

Tripod Servers- Yeah, they have the sucky pop-ups, but they're my fave server so far. Clean interface, not too flashy. I like it.

Jamie's Erotic Jokes & Funnies- Need a laugh?

Giant Robot Magazine- Cool zine...

Who have they hacked now?- Index of hacked websites in before/after screen shots. warning- some nudity.

AFU & Urban Legends Archive- Name says it all.

Urban Legends Reference Pages- Same as above, but different.

Yoshida Gakuen Live!- Web cam in Japan- pretty smooth. Frequent updates.

The Death Clock- Who's in the mood for some hardcore depression?!

"Kitty" Porn- Stop kitty porn before it gets any worse!

The Food Court- Cool anime parodies, quite funny and very original.

Nuclear Blast Mapper- Will your city survive when a nuclear bomb is dropped in its vicinity? More importantly, will you?

8900, WLS- Listen to Roe & Gary, weekdays from 4pm till 7pm.

-always being updated-