Evangelion: The Movie: The first site to have End of Eva summaries, and thus one of the most important. Hasn't been updated in a long time, yet outstanding nonetheless.

The Evangelion Sage: Actively dispells other common misconceptions, and a member of the [regretably] small group of truly accurate Evangelion websites. Deserves your visit.

GAiNAX: The company that produced Evangelion.

Anime Web Turnpike: Thousands of Anime links

Anime Radio: Quite funny Real Audio anime radio show. The original.

Teddy's Ultimate Asuka Image Archive: A nice page with tons of Asuka images for all her fans...

Knights' Homepage: The homepage of a very good friend of mine.

Kaicho's Anime Page: Kaicho's cool. Lots of info straight out of Japan (since he lives there) and free weekly contests(!). Definately worth looking into.

The Mystical Evangelion Realm: An excellent Eva site with an attractive interface.

Misato's Anime Paradise: A very cool site with lot's of series specific pages, including a very well-done Gunbuster one.

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