this is the personal website of me... brendan patrick jamieson. i've never been particularly good at keeping these things updated, but hopefully I can do a better job of it this time around than i have in previous incarnations. basically this will jut boil down to a collection of my hobbies and thoughts and a little bit about myself.

however, the area that will most likely be updated the most is my livejournal - the biggest ego trip i've ever gotten involved in :P but hey, these journal thingies have become very popular lately so i must not be the only one who likes to talk about themselves like anyone actually cares ^_^; and thanks to chris for hooking me up with a user code.

this website is made mostly for netscape (though it looks basically the same in ie) with the aid of microsoft frontpage2000, adobe golive & photoshop 5.5 & imageready 2.0 - with fine tuning done in notepad, of course.

yep... that's about all i have to say. you can now explore...

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