Evangelion/Anime Links:

Evangelion: The Movie: Outstanding Evangelion site w/ detailed Eva film and TV eps summaries.

Anime Cruise Lines: Excellent Anime site w/ kewl image galleries for Eva, Sailor Moon and others. Give it a looksy.

The Good And Evil Of Anime: A very kewl and very interesting site

GAiNAX: The Company that brought us Eva

Teddy's Ultimate Asuka Image Archive: A nice page with tons of Asuka images for all her fans ;)

Anime Web Turnpike: Thousands of Anime links!

Rising Sun Creations: The place to get Eva figures, models, and ST's. Lot's of other kewl stuff, too.

IRCgame Homepage: The homepage of a very good friend of mine. It's currently under construction, but the outlook is promising. Visit and d/l some cool mp3's.

Kaicho's Anime Page: Kaicho's cool. Lots of info straight out of Japan (cuz he lives there :P) and free weekly contests(!). Definately worth looking into.

ZARC: Zivilyn's Anime Resource Center: One of my best friend's pages. An outstanding anime site w/ info on lots of different shows, lots of other goodies too.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Universe: An nice, indepth, look into the world of Sailor Moon!

NGEvangelion Homepage: Amazing Eva site with a huge amount of info. The winner of many Eva/anime awards, also!

The Neo NGE Webpage: Great Evangelion site with some kewl pics and graphix

Angelic Seashore: A site that pays proper homage to the 17th Angel, Nagisa Kaworu.

Everything Anime: Huge site with lots of anime info.

Emiko's Genesis:Oustanding fan art by an outstanding artist. See it to believe it!

The Mystical Evangelion Realm: An excellent Eva site with an attractive interface.

The Anime Drinking Game: One of the funiest Anime related sits I have come across. Visit it soon!

Misato's Anime Paradise: A very cool site with lot's of series specific pages, including a very well-done Gunbuster one.

Anime Radio: Real Audio anime radio show.

AniMonthly Magazine: I also write for this page. Check it out and give us some feedback!