How to Make Your Own Subtitled End of Evangelion

For Otaku out there who absolutely must be able to watch EoE on their computers(preferably G3 PowerBooks), here's a recipe for how to make your own subbed End of Evangelion. All you need are the VCDs, a Mac, and QuickTime 3 Pro or the older QuickTime 2.5 with the extensions.

Incidentally I used the VCD's from the EoE VCD box set. I doubt the files here will work with the Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Remix of the Series VCD as times may have shifted and reediting may have impacted times as well.

1) First off, you need to get a copy of the EoE VCD box set. Here are some sources I found online...

2) Put VCD into your CD-ROM drive. MPEG file for Air should be located in "RJ3:MPEGAV:AVSEQ01.DAT". For "My Purest Heart For You" look in "RJ4:MPEGAV:AVSEQ01.DAT". Drag this movie to MoviePlayer, it'll chew on it for awhile and then open it.

3) In the Edit Menu, go to "Delete Tracks..." and delete the Text Track. Leave the converted MPEG movie for now.

4) Now cut the text between the two "Cut Here" lines below and paste the text into a new text document like SimpleText. Save that document. *PLEASE NOTE* the text for the transcription of "My Purest Heart for You" immediately follows the transcription for "Air." Make sure you use the correct pair of transcription and VCD.

5) In MoviePlayer, under the File menu, select Import, then select the text file you've just created, and save it by selecting "Convert".

6). Select all of the converted text movie. Copy it. Now go to the MPEG file, hold down the option key, and then, under the EDIT menu, select Add. Voila!

For more information on QuickTime Text tracks, check out.

This fansub was created using Bochan_bird's and Brendan Jamieson's original EoE script/screenplay. Note that some lines have been changed, and the original authors may not agree with all of these changes. The original and complete script can be found at

If there are any questions, or if anyone has a good cross platform solution for PCs please contact

<--------------- CUT HERE FOR AIR --------------->
{QTtext} {font:Geneva} {plain} {size:9} {textColor: 65535, 65535, 65535} {backColor: 0, 0, 0} {justify:center} {timeScale:30} {width:318} {height:31} {timeStamps:absolute} {language:0} {textEncoding:0} 
Sections 2 and 3 of the East Annex will close at 6 p.m. today.
Staff are requested to finish all work by 4: 30 p.m.

I... I'm scared of both Misato and Ayanami...
Help me...
Help me, Asuka.
Come on... Wake up!
Come on...
Asuka... Asuka... ASUKA!!
Help me...
Help me....
Help me....
Help me...
Help me!
Call me an idiot like usual!
I... I'm pathetic...
What!?  Total prohibition of access to and from Headquarters!?
I guess we're still at First Level Alert...
Why?  Wasn't Kaoru the last angel?
That's right.  All the angels have been destroyed.
Isn't there supposed to be peace now?
Then, what'll happen to NERV? and the Evas?
I wish Dr. Akagi was here...
NERV will probably be disbanded...
and who knows what'll happen to us.
We'll just have to stick it out until the Instrumentality Project starts.
Having reached its limit as a colony of flawed and separate entities,
Humankind is to be artificially evolved into a perfect single being. The Instrumentality Project... An ideal world...
And to achieve this the Committee plans to use not Adam or NERV, but Eva.
Just like Kaji predicted.
The promised time has come.
With the Lance of Longinus now lost, complementation using Lilith is impossible.
Our only hope is to proceed with EVA-01, Lilith's only clone.
While different from SEELE's scenario....
Humans have existed to create Eva
Humans should evolve into a new world.
That is the purpose of the Eva series.
We have no intention of giving up our human forms simply to enter the Ark called Eva.
It is merely a rite of passage... To bring about the rebirth in those who are imprisoned.
The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.
A sacrament to unite God, humans, and all other life forms in death.
Death gives birth to nothing.
Then death is what you shall have.
Humans exist because they have the will to live...
And that is the reason she remained within Eva.
So, this is the truth behind Second Impact... 
Have they noticed me!?
No, that's not it
It's starting!
Communications with Sector 1 severed! Goura ground circuit, inoperative!
Switch the left side over to blue emergency communications! Use the satellites if you have to!  That's right!
What's the situation on the right?
Negative!  All outgoing communication and data lines have been blocked!!
Are they after MAGI?
Data entry from all external nodes. They're hacking the MAGI system!
Just as I thought.  Is it coming from MAGI-2 in Matsushiro (Tokyo-2)?
No, it's at least MAGI type-5. Hacking verified from Germany, China, the U.S....
SEELE is mustering all of their forces.  5 to 1 odds... Not good.
No. 4 firewall breached!
Locking the main database...
Negative! We can't stop their invasion!
It's entering a deeper level!  Even the back-up circuit can't stop it!
This is bad... Capture the MAGI system and you capture everything.
First Level Alert currently in effect! All D-floor combat personnel proceed at once to designated posts.
I know... MAGI's self-defense system.
Yes.  Lt. Ibuki at the No. 2 Command Center has the details.
Even an abandoned woman has her uses... How egotistical.
Status report?
Hyuga here.  Tokyo-2 has just issued Special Order A-801!
That's right.  Abolishment of special legal protection for NERV and transfer of all command to the government of Japan.
It's an ultimatum... Yes, and MAGI is being hacked.  Things aren't looking good.
Ibuki here. Dr. Akagi has just begun protective countermeasures.
Am I acting foolish?
Men and women are so illogical.
Isn't that right?
How much longer?
We should just make it.  Dr. Akagi is amazing, almost 120 pages...
Just hacking MAGI? They're not going to let us off that easy... probably.
MAGI is only the first skirmish. The bastards' objective is the direct take-over of headquarters and the two remaining Eva units.
Yes.  With not only Lilith, but even Adam in our hands....
No wonder the old men are so worried.
Hacking against MAGI has been stopped.  A Type-B Danan firewall deployed. External access impossible for the next 62 hours.
See you in a bit, mother.
Ikari has executed a Type-666 protection program on the MAGI system. It won't be easy to breach.
It appears that we will have to forego acquisition of MAGI.
I had hoped to solve this peacefully, but that is not possible now.  Take over the entire headquarters directly, at once!!
Commence operations as planned.
Radar sites 8 to 17 have gone dead!
JSSDF tech battalion advancing through Goura defense perimeter!
Two battalions approaching from Gotemba! Forces confirmed approaching from Mishima.
It seems that man's ultimate enemy is also man.
General quarters.  Go to First Level Battle Stations.
Battle Stations!?
But the enemy isn't an Angel... They're human like us.
But they don't think that way.
Hey, what's the matter? Hello!?
What's going on?
The south hub-station...
Daigatake tunnel cut off!  Fire at West No. 5 freight entrance!  Invading forces have entered Level 1!
The forces attacking the west side are a decoy!
If their real target is the Evas, they'll be going after the pilots!
Tell Shinji to stand by at EVA-01, quickly!
Where's Asuka?
In sickroom 303.
Put her into EVA-02 anyway.
But her synchronization with Eva hasn't recovered yet.
Yes, but she'll definitely be killed if she stays there.  The best place to hide her is inside EVA-02.
Stop medication to pilot.  Prepare for launch!
As soon as Asuka is inside EVA-02, hide it in the underground lake.
It'll be found almost immediately, but it's better than leaving it in the cage.  Where's Rei?
Whereabouts unknown...  Unable to locate!
She'll be killed. Find her, quickly!
EVA-02 launched via No. 8 route.  Stabilized at a depth of 70 meters.
Launch EVA-01 next! Deploy it inside the Geofront!
Negative! The pilot hasn't arrived yet!
What!?  Oh, no....!

Closing all Central Dogma barricades up to Level 2.  All non-combat personnel, evacuate via route 87.
No. 3 underground barricade destroyed!  Forces invading Level 2!
The JSSDF have committed almost an entire division...  It's only a matter of time before they take us over completely.
Dr. Fuyutsuki, take care of things here.
I understand.  Give my regards to Yui.
No response from Group 2!  Communication with No. 77 Computer Room negative.
This is terrible.  Even Angels would be better.
It's no surprise... We're not used to killing other humans.
Cut the cables starting with the red ones...

Level 3 Block B invaded!  Defense impossible!  Enemy also confirmed in Block F!  Main Bypass under crossfire!
Abandon Levels 1 to 3!  Combat teams, retreat!  Release Bakelite into all passages and pipes up to Section 803!
Commence Bakelite injection to Section 7033.  30 seconds to completion.
Commence Bakelite injection to Section 7373.  30 seconds to completion...
This should slow them down a bit.
Major Katsuragi!  No. 47 route has been cut off... Group 3 is unable to advance!  If this continues Shinji will be...!
All non-combat personnel avoid close combat.
The enemy are professionals...  If you can't fall back to the Dogma, it's better to surrender.
Sorry, take care of things here.
This is more difficult than expected.
We don't have easy jobs.
This is bad... We were never equipped with full-scale anti-personnel defense systems.
Yeah.  Only counter-terrorist measures at best.
If the JSSDF mounts a serious attack, we don't stand a chance.
Come to think of it, the reductions in funding for anti-personnel defense measures probably had this in mind from the beginning.
That's entirely possible...
Release the safety.
I... I can't shoot.
Of course you can! Just pretend this is training!
But I wasn't shooting at people then!
Idiot! Shoot, or we're going to die!
I thought you'd be here.
The promised time has come.  Let's go.
Level 2 completely secured, over.
No. 2 Command Center - Still unable to secure original MAGI system.  Currently engaging enemy on lower left floor.
Commence heat dissipation procedures on the Malbolgia at once.
Eva pilots are to be terminated on sight.  Unconditional execution of non-combat personnel authorized.
Yanagihara and Shinjo squads, enter lower levels immediately.
3rd pilot found - will proceed to eliminate.
Nothing personal, kid.
Nothing personal...
Come on!  Let's get to EVA-01!
Akizu troop at No. 7 cage, report your status, over.  Purple unit secured.  No problems with Bakelite infusion.
Red unit appears to have been launched...  Currently searching for launch route used.

Damn!  They're trying to prevent physical contact between Shinji and EVA-01.  There's no time to lose...
Quick, Shinji...
Do you want to run away, or go to Eva? - Pick one!
If we stay here we'll die for nothing!
Help me, Asuka...  Help me...
Hiding behind a girl at a time like this!?  Running from reality... Lying to yourself!?
Doing things half-assed is the worst thing you can do!!
So, stand up!  Stand up!!
No... Let me die.  I don't want to do anything.
Stop talking like a spoiled brat!
You're still alive, aren't you?  So, do all you can to keep yourself alive, and then die afterwards!
Forget about here!  Give top priority to isolating the Terminal Dogma!
Everything else has been destroyed...  Why don't they just blow up the Command Center, too?
I'm sure they'd like to take us out in a single blow, but the original  MAGI system is right below us.
They want the MAGI system intact, huh?
But we're defenseless against BC (biological and chemical) weaponry.  If they use those, we're in trouble.
N2 weapons, too...
We spoke too soon!
Isn't that a bit extreme!?
They're playing a bit rough....
Why do they want the Evas so badly!?
They plan to initiate Third Impact - not with Angels, but using the Eva series.
15 years ago, Second Impact was caused by humans on purpose.

But that was in order to minimize the damage by returning Adam to an embryonic state 

Shinji, we humans were born from a being called Lilith, who is the source of life just like Adam.  We are the 18th Angel.gel.

The other Angels are possibilities of what we might have become - humans that gave up human form..

Sadly, we had to reject each other - even though we're all human....

Listen, Shinji... You must destroy all of the Eva series.  It's the only way to stay alive.

The phone lines have gone dead.

Nagano Prefecture, New Tokyo-2 Prime Minister's Residence, No. 3 State Office

Yes, sir.  Ballistic missile impact was confirmed three minutes ago.

The Instrumentality Project that NERV was secretly researching...  Initiating Third Impact to annihilate mankind...

The mere thought sends shivers down my spine.

Humans must be the only creatures able to despise their own kind.

All that's left is to take care of the NERV headquarters facilities.

Do you want Germany or China to undertake the re-development?

No - We won't be taken advantage of.  Seal it up for 20 years, just like old Tokyo.

Surface heat receding.  High-pressure steam discharges have also subsided.

Initial location of all units completed.

Dogma Level 3 and the purple unit have been secured.

And the red unit?

Found in the underground lake at a depth of 70 meters.  The pilot's status
is unknown.

I'm alive...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...

(You're still alive) I don't want to die...

(You mustn't die yet) I don't want to die...

(You must live) I don't want to die...

(I won't let you die) I don't want to die...

(Don't kill me) I don't want to die...

(You're still alive) I don't want to die...

(I won't let you die yet) I don't want to die...

(You must keep living) I don't want to die...

(Die for me!) I don't want to die...

(You mustn't die yet!) I don't want to die...

(Die!) I don't want to die...

(You're alive!)  I don't want to die... 

I don't want to DIE!!

Mama... So this is where you've been?  Mama!


What the!?

Did we get it!?

Mama...  Mama!

I understand now...

The meaning of the AT Field.

It's always protecting me!

Always watching over me!

Always... always together!  Mama!

EVA-02 has activated.  Asuka's okay!  She's alive!


The cable!  That thing's power cable! Concentrate all fire power on the cable!


Even without the cable...  I still have 12,000 plates of special armor...  and my AT Field!

I cannot lose!

Not against you!!

The loathsome Evangelion...

Do they stand in our way yet again? It seems that one must fight fire with fire.

The Eva series!?  They've been completed?

Deployment of all nine units equipped with the S2 system!?  Isn't that a bit excessive?

Or, do they plan to initiate it here!!?

Asuka, you must destroy all of the EVA series.  Shinji will be there to assist you soon.  Do your best.

We can get to EVA-01 via emergency route No. 20, right?

Affirmative.  We've secured three seperate power sources just in case. As long as you enter within three minutes, you can reach the No. 7 cage directly.

I have to destroy them all?
Easy for her to say!

Nine units in three and a half minutes...  That works out to only 20 seconds apiece!.


Here it is.

They got away...

Unable to terminate target.  Standing by for orders to pursue...

Negative.  That area is scheduled for demolition. Pull back immediately.

Yes, sir.

Th... That should hold them off... for a while.

I'm okay... It's not as serious... as it looks.

There's still power - We can make it.

Shinji... from here out you're on your own. You have to make the decisions by yourself - without anyone's help.

I... I can't do it.  I just can't....

I can't pilot Eva if it means I'm going to hurt or even kill other people.  I have no right to do that.

I thought piloting Eva was my only choice. But I was just fooling myself. I don't understand anything. I'm not worthy to pilot Eva.

There's nothing that I can do for other people!  I've hurt Asuka, and even killed Kaoru...

There isn't a shred of kindness in me! Only dishonesty and cowardice. If I can only hurt people, I'd rather not do anything!

I'm not going to feel sorry for you. If you don't want to be hurt, then just die without doing anything at all!

Crying won't help you now!

You hate yourself, right? That's why you hurt other people, because you know hurting other people is more painful than hurting yourself.

But, no matter what happens, remember that it was your decision.

And that makes it worthwhile, Shinji - Because you decided by yourself!

So stop lying to yourself... Think about what you can do... And then live with your decisions.

But you're... you're not me! You don't understand anything about ME!!

So what if I'm not you!?  Are you just going to give up now!?
If you stay here and do nothing, I won't forgive you! I'll NEVER forgive you!!

Nobody's perfect.  You realize that you've made a mistake, and then regret it...

That's all I've ever known. Nothing but empty happiness and hating myself.

But... I feel like I always grew from the experience!

Listen, Shinji. Pilot Eva once more and find yourself.

Pilot Eva to face the questions "Why did you come here?"  "Why are you here?"

Find your own answers.  And then... after finding yourself... come back to me.

It's a promise..

Now, go.

That's a grownup kiss.  We'll do the rest when you get back...

If I knew it would end this way...  I would've done like Asuka said...

And changed the carpet...  Right, Pen-pen?

Kaji... did I do all right?

Jeeez!  Don't they ever stop!?  Where is that idiot Shinji!?

I've been waiting for you.

I'm sorry... I secretly altered MAGI's program earlier.

A daughter's final request...

Mother... die with me.

It didn't activate?  Why!?

Betrayed by Casper!

How could you, Mother?  Choosing your man over your own daughter...

Ritsuko Akagi, I truly...

... Liar....

What's going on outside?

Less than a minute before EVA-02 reaches its operational limit!  At this rate, Asuka will...!

I can't lose!

Not with Mama watching me!

Mama...  Mother?

This is the last one!

The Lance of Longinus!?

Internal power source depleted... Operational limit reached.

EVA-02...  down.

What!?  The destroyed... Eva series!?

The Eva series have reactivated!

Are they're going to finish her off!?

What's happening?

I can't look!  I... I can't watch anymore!

This is...?  EVA-02!?

I'll kill you... 

Kill... kill... kill you...

I'll kill you... I'll kill you all...


Asuka, stop!

Kill you all... I'll kill you... I'll kill you all...

Shinji-kun! Unit Two is...!

Asuka is...! Asuka is...!

But I can't pilot Eva...

There's nothing I can do...


Has EVA-01 finally awakened?

Evangelion Unit One?  It's the devil himself!!

<---------------CUT HERE------------------>

<---------------CUT HERE for My Purest Heart for You------------------>
{QTtext} {font:Geneva} {plain} {size:9} {textColor: 65535, 65535, 65535} {backColor: 0, 0, 0} {justify:center} {timeScale:30} {width:318} {height:31} {timeStamps:absolute} {language:0} {textEncoding:0} 
I wish to express my deepest thanks to all the staff, cast, friends...
 and especially the five young women who helped to bring this picture to its conclusion once again.
Thank you,
Hideaki Anno

Adam and I are now as one... For this is the only way to be with Yui again.  The forbidden joining of Adam and Lilith.

There's no time... Your AT Field can no longer hold your shape.

Let's begin, Rei.

Release your AT Field, the barrier of your heart.

Complement your imperfect heart, leave your useless body...

Merge all souls into one. And then, take me to Yui's side.



Unidentified object approaching at high-speed from outside the atmosphere.


No!... Not the Lance of Longinus!?

At long last our hopes are to be realized.

The original Lance of Longinus has returned as well.

While somewhat fewer than planned, it will have to do.

Return the Eva series to its rightful form.

Evangelize humankind and restore us to our true form.

With indiscriminate death and prayers, we return to our original state.

And let all souls find peace.  Now, let the sacrament begin!

EVA-01 has been captured!

Altitude 12,000 meters! ...and rising!

SEELE bastards...  Do they plan to use EVA-01 as the well of souls!??

EVA-01 has received the stigmata.

To restore the Tree of Life!

Our servants, the Eva series...

Their existence has all been for this one moment.

The Eva series have opened up their S2 systems!

Dimensional values inverting!  They're going negative!  Measurement impossible... Numerical expression invalid!

An anti-AT Field...

ll the data are just like 15 years ago!  Then... this really is... The prelude to Third Impact!

S2 system level critical!  We... We can't maintain attraction any longer!

Mission... failed...

Direct impact!  Surface layers melting!

Second wave excavating the headquarters periphery!  It's exposing the outer hull!

They're just physical shock waves! Set the absorbers to maximum level - It should hold!

With the Purification of the Red Earth... That bespeaks time eternal...

First, return the Geofront...

To its true form.

The egg of Lilith... the genesis of human life... the Black Moon...

We have no desire to return to that empty shell,

But even that depends on the will of Lilith.

It seems to have begun...

Rei, take me to Yui's side.


I'm not your doll.


Because I'm not you.


Please! Wait... Rei!

No.  Ikari is calling me.


I'm home...

"Welcome back."


Unidentified high-energy source approaching rapidly from Terminal Dogma!

AT Field verified!  Analysis pattern blue!!

It's not... an Angel!?

No!  It's... a person!?  It's human!

Damn... Damn... Damn... Damn!



Evangelion Unit 01's pilot...  Complement humankind with your imperfect ego.

The moment of the Third Retribution has come.

The Eva series' AT Fields are resonating!

And amplifying further!

Has the assimilation with Rei begun?

Psychograph signal down!

Destrado? materializing!

Surely the pilot's ego can't take much more...

No... No... No...

No... No... No...!

Do you want it to stop?

Is that where you've been?  Kaoru?

Solenoid graph inverting!  Ego barrier weakening!

AT Field shifting to pattern red!

The Fruit of Life possessed by Angels, and the Fruit of Wisdom possessed by humans...

Having obtained them both, EVA-01 has become like God.

And now it has been restored to the propagule of souls... the Tree of Life.

Will it become the Ark to save humankind from the nothingness of Third Impact? Or the demon that destroys us all?
Our future lies in the hands of Ikari's son.

Did... Did we do the right thing?

How should I know!?

This Rei is your heart... Your very hopes and dreams... What do you wish for?

I see...

It's just like when I started the cello.

I thought that if I came here, I could find something...

Come on, Shinji!  Let's build a castle!


Oh, here comes Mama!  We have to go home now!  Bye-bye!

Mama... Mama!

Jeeez!  I get so pissed off whenever I look at you!

Because I'm like you...?



How are you?

I wasn't able to become Shinji's mother after all...

Mmmm, let's do it.

Again?  Aren't you supposed to meet your friend at school today?

Hmm?  Oh yeah, Ritsuko.  It's okay, we still have time...

We've been cooped up here for a week now...

Yeah, but I think I'm getting the hang of it... so come on...

I probably just did this to prove that I existed.

How idiotic!  It's just two lonely adults comforting each other.

We want to feel needed, even if it's only physical.

I feel wanted, and that makes me happy.

It's just an easy way for you feel that you're worth something.

This is Misato?  She does... this?

Yes, this is also me... The melting into one another's hearts...  The me that Shinji doesn't know.

Reality does involve pain, but you just have to accept it.

Aaahh... I wonder if I'll act like Misato when I grow up?

Let's kiss...

You mustn't!

Or are you afraid?

It's not something kids should do.

Okay, here goes...

You don't understand anything!  Stay away from me!

I do understand.

No you don't, you IDIOT!  You really think you understand me!?  You think that you can help me?

That is so ARROGANT!  You couldn't possibly understand me!!

How can I understand... if you don't say anything? You don't talk to me. How can I understand you? It's IMPOSSIBLE!!

Ikari, did you try to understand?

I tried...

Idiot!  I 'know' about your jerk-off fantasies of me.

Do it again like usual...  I'll even stand here and watch.  If you can't be all mine, then I don't need you!

Then, be nice to me...

We are nice to you.

LIARS!!  You're all just hiding behind a smile!  You just want to keep things ambiguous!

Because the truth hurts us all... Because it's very, very distressing.

But ambiguity only makes me insecure.

That's just an excuse...

But it makes me afraid that I won't be needed again someday. It makes me uneasy! It worries me! Let me hear your voice!

Interact with me!!  Care about me!!!

I want to help you in some way... and to be with you forever.

Then, don't do anything.  Don't come near me anymore... Because all you ever do is hurt me.

Asuka, help me!  You're... you're the only one that can!


To you, anybody will do!  You're afraid of Misato and Rei... and of your mother and father, too!

You're only using me as an escape - because that's the easiest way not to get hurt!

Please, help me!

You've never really liked anyone!

You're all you have!  But you've never even learned to like yourself!!

How pathetic...

Help me...

Somebody... Somebody help me...

Help me... Help me... Me... Help ME!!

Don't leave me alone!  Don't abandon me!

Don't kill me!

... No...

Nobody understands me.

You didn't understand anything.

I thought it was supposed to be a world without unpleasantness... without uncertainity.

Because you thought that everyone else was like you.

Betrayed!  You've betrayed my feelings!!

You've misunderstood from the start.  You simply assumed without asking.

Nobody wants me.  So, everybody just die.

Then, what are those hands for?

Nobody cares whether I exist or not... Nothing will change.  So, everybody just die.

Then, what is that heart for?

It'd be better if I wasn't here either.  So I should just die, too.

Then, why are you here?

Is it okay for me to be here?


Pilot's response has infinitely approached zero!

Eva series and Geofront passing through the E layer!  And still rising!  Current altitude 220,000 km.  Entering F layer.

All Eva units - still active!

The Anti-AT Field from Lilith... it's expanding further!  It's materializing!

Anti-AT Field critical limit exceeded!

No...!  If this continues, individual life-forms will be unable to maintain their separate entities!

The Chamber of Guf has been unsealed...  Has the door to the world's beginning and end finally opened?

The world is overflowing with sadness.  People are surrounded by emptiness... And loneliness has filled their hearts.

Ikari, did you finally meet Yui, too?

AT Field... Everyone's AT Fields are disappearing.  Is this the answer?  Is this what I was searching for?


Senpai...  Senpai...  Senpai...

The beginning and the end are as one.

Good... Everything is as it should be...

I've been waiting for this moment for so long... To finally be with you again, Yui.

When I'm with Shinji, I only hurt him.  So, it's better that I do nothing.

So, you were afraid of Shinji.

I don't believe that I can be loved by others... I'm not worthy of love.

You're just running away.  You simply reject the world before you get hurt.

Afraid of the shapeless, invisible barriers that separate people...

You just closed your heart to others.

So, this is my retribution.  Forgive me... Shinji.

Ayanami... Rei?

I hate you.  I wouldn't be caught dead with you!  Don't get me wrong... Do you really think I could ever like you?

You have nothing to do with my life anymore. Get away from me...and don't call me anymore! Stubborn bastard!

Don't follow me around anymore.  Your type makes me sick!  I'm sorry...  We're nothing more than friends. Annoying bastard...

Why don't you learn to give up?  There's no way I'd ever go back to you.  I HATE YOU!  Go away!

It'd be better if you'd never been born. Dammit, get away from me!  I hate you! You're a pain in the ass! 


If it's that painful...

You can stop.

If you really don't like it, you can run away.

Do you want to be at ease?  To feel at peace?

Do you want to become one with me?

To have our bodies and souls... become one.

But, if I have to be with you, I'd rather die!



What are dreams?


Yes, dreams.

"Do you feel good?"

I don't understand...

I don't really understand reality.

So, you can't understand the gap between other's reality and your own truth.

I don't know where to find happiness.

So, you can only find happiness in your dreams.

Then, this isn't reality... Because no one is here.

Yes, it's a dream.

So, I'm not here either.

You were trying to remake reality with convenient fantasies.

Is that wrong?

You were using fabrications to escape from reality.

Can't I dream alone?

That would not be a dream.  It would just be compensating for reality.

Then... where is my dream?

It is the extension of reality.

Where is... my reality?

It is at the end of your dream.

Ayanami... where are we?

This is the sea of LCL... The primordial soup of life. A world without AT Fields... without your own shape.
An ambiguous world where it is impossible to tell where you end and other people start.
A fragile world where you exist everywhere, and thus exist nowhere.

Have I died?

No, everything has just been joined into one.

This is the world you have been hoping for... your world.

But... this isn't right.  I don't think this is right.

If you wish once more for the existence of others, the barriers of the heart will separate everyone once more... 
And the fear of other people will begin again.

That's all right...

Thank you.

I feel there were only hateful things there so I'm sure it was okay to run away, but there was nothing good where I ran to either.

After all, I didn't exist there... which is the same as no one existing.

Is it okay for AT Fields to hurt you and others once more?

I don't mind.  But, what are you two within my heart?

Hope.  The hope that people might be able to understand one another.

And the words 'I love you'.

But that's just pretending - a self-intoxicating belief... like a prayer.  It can't possibly last forever.

Sooner or later I'll be betrayed... And they'll leave me.

Still... I want to meet them again, because I believe my feelings at that time were real.

Reality is in an unfamiliar place, and dreams are within reality.

And the truth is within your heart.

Because it is our hearts that create our appearance.

And new images will change peoples' hearts and appearances.

Images... the power of imagination... The power to create your own future, and to make time flow.

But people must act of their own free will, or nothing will change at all.

So you must find your lost self on your own...
Even if you lose your own words, or become lost in others' words.

Anyone can return to human form as long as they can imagine themselves in their own heart.

Don't worry.  All living things have the ability to return to their original form... and the heart to go on living.

Anywhere can be heaven as long as you have the will to live.  After all, you're alive...

...and you can find the chance to achieve happiness anywhere.

As long as the Sun, the Moon and the Earth exist, everything will be all right.

So, you'll be okay now?

I still don't know where to find happiness...

But I'll continue to think about whether it's good to be here... whether it was good to have been born.

But in the end, it's just realizing the obvious over and over again.  Because I am myself.

But mother... what will you do?

Humans create Evangelion to copy God... Is this our true goal?

Yes.  Humans can only live on this planet, but Evangelion can live forever... together with the human soul that dwells within it.

Even after 5 billion years, when the Earth, the Moon, and even the Sun have disappeared...
It will still exist as long as even one person still lives.

It will be very lonely, but as long as that one person still lives...

It will be the eternal proof that humankind has existed...

Good-bye, mother.

I feel sick.


<---------------CUT HERE------------------>