The Red Cross Book: The Fifth Page


[S^2 Engine] (S^2 KIKAN)

A power generation system based on the supersolenoid theory advocated by Dr.Katsuragi (PY: Misato's father). When EVA is loaded with this engine, its active time could be extended to infinity. All Angels possess this S^2 Engine, and EVA-01 got it when it devoured the 14th Angel. Moreover, all EVA's from EVA-05 onwards also possess this engine and thus do not need Umbilical Cable any more.

[Second Children]

It means Souryu.Asuka.Langley, who was chosen by Marduk organisation, after Ayanami Rei, as a suitable candidate. She received training at the Germany branch of NERV, and was then sent to Japan as the dedicated pilot of EVA-02.

When she lost her self-confidence because of low Synch-rate, she went missing for a while. She was finally found and brought back by agents from the secrety agency NERV. At ep.25 "Air", she was still taking medical care in hospital ward when the Strategic Self-Defence Force invaded NERV.

[Second Impact]

This is called so because the catastrophe was the largest since the Giant Impact, when a small meteorite collided with Earth 4 billion years ago. There were radical changes in Earth's environment: Floods, Volcanoic eruptions and change of Earth's axis etc. These, combined with the civil war on a world scale afterwards, caused half of the world's population to die.

Usually its cause was explained as a massive meteorite fallen on the Markam Mountain in Antartica. But in fact its cause was artificial: SEELE and Gendou's group reverted Adam, the first Angel, back into embryo before other Angels woke up, and this caused the Second Impact.


An extra-legel organisation which aims at pushing the Human Complementation

Plan. It was organised by moving the whole GEHIRN, the investigation body for the same plan, into this new body. The headquarter is located at Neo-Tokyo-3. It is also an international body with branches in Germany and USA etc. Although to outsiders it is an organisation directly under UN, in fact UN has absolutely no influence over it. It is under the command of SEELE. Holding several Evangelion, the General-Purpose Humanoid Decisive-Battle Weapon, it possesses the only combat force capable to counter the Angels. However, its vulnerability to anti-personnel combat was fully exposed when it received attacks from the Strategic Self-Defence Force in ep.25 "Air".

[Secret Dead Sea Scrolls] (URA SHIKAI BUNSHO)

A document that seems to be used by Seele for the direction of their actions. Following what was recorded in "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls", Seele built EVA and fought the battles against the Angels. It seems that this same document also recorded all invading Angels.

By the way, the "Dead Sea Scrolls" as exists in real life was dug out from a cave near the Dead Sea of Israel in 1947. Its contents include the "Old Testament" of Bible and its acryophaea.


A secret organisation that existed even before the Second Impact. It hid the truth about the Second Impact and the existence of Angels and uses its power to abuse UN and other countries. After the Second Impact, it used UN as a cover, established the Committee of Human Complementation and the secret agency NERV, and built the EVA series.

SEELE's Human Complementation Plan is mapped out according to what was recorded on the "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls". The objective of the plan is to move human up to another stage of evolution. However, with the loss of the Spear of Longinus, and then the rebellion of Ikari Gendou, the commander of the secret agency NERV, it became inevitable that the plan has to be changed at the last stage.

By the way, "Seele" means "soul" in German. All organisations that are related to SEELE, like GEHIRN and NERV, all have their names derived from German. Could it be that these organisations first started in Germany?

[SEELE's Coat of Arm] (SEELE no MONSHOU)

A coat of arm which has an inverted triangle superimposed by seven eyes. The same emblem was painted on the mask that covered the face of Lilith. Its relationship with Jehovah, who is the absolute God in "Old Testament Bible" and is sometimes said to have seven eyes, is unclear.

[Single-Form] (Tantai)

The objective of the Human Complementation Plan is the induced artificial evolution of human into "an organism which lives as a total single-form". This "single-form" means a life form which ends as a single individual. And this term is used to distinguish with "community form", which is life form formed by a multiple of individuals.


Second Children. Dedicated pilot of EVA-02. Nationality is USA, despite being one fourth Japanese and one fourth German. Having a high degree of intelligence, she graduated from university at 14. At the early stage of real battles, she boasted a higher Synch-rate than Third Children etc. The suicide of her mother led her to grow into a character of extreme agressiveness. She could only keep her mental balance by making outward noises about her own excellence.

Birthday: December 4. Bloodtype: O. Age: 14


The real mother of Soryu.Asuka.Langley. She fell into mental breakdown in an accident during an experiment. Afterwards, she became a person who lived in her own world, so much so that she committed suicide. Her soul was used as the core of EVA-02

[Spear of Longinus]

A giant spiral-shaped spear which can penetrate A.T.Field. The spear splits into two branches at the one end, but these two branches will recombine into one when the spear is thrown against an object and penetrates it.

The spear was first used during the battle against the 15th Angel. It destroyed the Angel on a satellite orbit. However the spear itself reached the Moon and became unretrivable. That said, the real use of the Spear is not meant to be a weapon. It seems that it is a necessary item in the Complementation Plan which uses Lilith.

By the way, Longinus was the name of the soldier who used his spear to pierce Jesus who was being crucified on cross. The spear is stored as a relic by the St.Augustine Church in Rome.

[Spear of Longinus (copy)]

The fighting weapon used by the mass-production model EVA. It is modelled on the Spear of Longinus and its shape and length can change. When it penetrates a A.T.Field, the two tips which branch out from the spear's end spiral into one and intrude into the field. At ep.25, this spear penetrates the A.T.Field of EVA02 and then the still-fighting EVA02 itself, and EVA02 stops. This spear cannot be used for Complementation which involves Lilith, but as a weapon it has almost the same power as the original Spear.

[Stigmata] (SEIKON)

A word used by members of SEELE in ep.26 to describe the bloody wounds appeared at both hands of EVA-01. It is called "stigma" in English. Originally it means the burn marks applied on cattle or slaves. In Catholic areas, it is said that the wounds suffered by crucified Christ (on both hands, both feet, side of abdomen, forehead) sometimes appear on human with no external reason.

[Strategic Self-Defence Force] (SENRYAKU JIEITAI)

A military force directly under the Defence Ministry of Japan. Triggered by the military conflicts between China and Vietnam over the Spartleys, it was formed by the Japanese government which had no military force of its own (all the army, navy and air force of the original Self-Defence Force had been incorporated in UN Force). The English abbreviation is JSDF, which stands for "JAPAN STRATEGY SELF DEFENSE FORCE" [sic]. It was also often called "Senji" as its short form. In ep.25 "Air", under the instruction from the Japanese government, one division of JSDF was deployed in an attempt to directly occupy the secret agency NERV.


[Third Impact]

A large-scale catatstrophe following the First (Giant) Impact and the Second Impact, as foreseen by human. It had been said that this would be started by from alien Angels who came into contact with Adam stored underground beneath Neo-Tokyo-3, and therefore EVA and NERV were there to protect this from happening. However, the truth is that they were there precisely to start the Third Impact, the real objective being the Human Complementation Plan.

[Tree of Life] (SEIMEI no KI)

When the Human Complementation Plan starts, EVA-01 grows into something like a tree, with its roots spreaded towards the sky and its branches extended to the ground. Regarding this Fuyutsuki comments, "EVA-01 is returned to the Tree of Life". A Tree of Life that has its roots and branches inverted appears on both Hindu scriptures and the Kabbalah. This was called "the Inverted Tree"

[Tree of Sephiroth] (Sehuiroto no KI)

A graph of symbols in Kabbalah (A mystery sect of Judaism which built around the mystery interpretations of "Torah"). It represented, as a diagram, the physical rendition of the 3-dimensional images of the spiritual realm. The same diagram can also be found in Gendou's office. The diagram is composed of ten circles linked by 22 paths. It shows the route of how a human can attain the highest possible spiritual level. Moreover, many other interpretations are said to be possible: As a step-by-step diagram for meditation, as a map that shows the way to wisdom, or as a prediction for human's future etc. In ep.26 "Magokoro wo kimi ni", EVA series formed a big Tree of Sephiroth on the sky.


[Umbilical Cable] (Anbirikaru Keeburu or Dengen Keeburu/Power Cable)

The cable that is used to supply electric power to EVA from an outside source because as a weapon EVA has a very short active time-limit. It can be said as the weak point of EVA. This is noticed by the Strategic Self-Defence Force, when during their attack on NERV they sent out instructions concentrating the attack on the Umbilical Cable (which they call Power Cable).

Moreover, Umbillical Cable [sic] means the blood vessels which extended from baby's navel to the placenta of its mother's womb. This is taken to mean that like babies who get their nutrients through these blood vessels, EVA's get the electric power through the Umbilical Cable.

Here ends the official canon of Evangelion. The Red Cross Book.