The Red Cross Book: The Fourth Page


[N^2 Weapon]

A weapon that possesses enormous destructive power and is owned by the UN army and the Strategic Self Defence Force. There are many variations of this weapon: N^2 mines, N^2 deep water charge, N^2 air charge, N^2 bombs etc. At ep.25, when Aoba Shigeru mentioned his fear that BC Weapon might be deployed, Hyouga Makoto replied that N^2 Weapon is equally dangerous.

[Nagisa Kaworu]

Fifth Children, who was sent by SEELE to NERV. However, his real identity was the 17th Angel. Perhaps he was an Angel which was captured by SEELE at his embryo stage. Different from other Angels, he has a mind quite close to human's. On documents his birth-date is AD2000 September 13th. In human form he made contact with Third Children (Ikari Shinji). Although he had good feelings towards Shinji, he was strangled and killed by EVA-01 piloted by Shinji. It was he who said "Life and Death are equivalent" and "Only one life-form could be chosen to be given the future".


The new capital city of Japan. Built in the old Nagano prefecture to replace the old Tokyo. Construction started in 2001 and it acquired all the functionalities suited for a capital in 2003. In 2005 the second capital relocation plan was agreed, and it was planned that the capital would be moved to Neo-Tokyo-3, still under construction then.

By the way, old Tokyo was annihilated by the new bomb dropped one week after the Second Impact. Again, the construction of Neo-Tokyo-2 was decided by the Provisional Government of Japan.

In ep.25 "Air", when Hyouga mentioned "the second Tokyo", he meant this Neo-Tokyo-2 as well as the government of Japan which was located there.


Although in public it was circulated as the new capital city that would replace Neo-Tokyo-2, it is in fact a fortress city for ambushing the Angels, which was built with the expectation of Angels coming to attack it. But then the ambush combat force is the EVA. The city mainly serves the function of supply and support. Armed buildings -- supporting facilities which are made to look like ordinary buildings -- stood inside the city like forests. Inside the buildings are the discharge outlets of EVA, electricity supply, replenishment of weapon and ammunition and supporting guns. There are also many ambush weapons installed around the city.

Spreaded below the city is the wide and big Geo-Front. Located at its centre is the headquarter of the Secret Agency NERV.

In ep.25, the city was first attacked by the Strategic Self-Defence Force, and then EVA-series were thrown into the attack. This annihilated all the combat strength of the city except for EVA-01.

[Noises of Cicada] (SEMI no KOE)

In the world of Evangelion, because of radical changes in the climate and environment caused by the Second Impact, Japan had lost her four seasons and had a summer climate all through the year. That is why in the anime the noises of cicada can always be heard.




[Plug Suit]

The dedicated uniform for EVA pilot. It has the effect of raising the synch-rate and protecting the body etc. This suit is totally one piece covering from feet to neck. Its structure is similar to things like wet-suit. There will still be space between the suit and the body after it is put on, but by clicking on a switch on the wrist the suit then sticks to the body.

[Progressive Knife]

A melee fighting weapon which forms a blade with high-frequency vibrating particles that cuts through the object of contact on a molecular level. It is one of the standard equipments for EVA and is usually stored in a space at the shoulders. EVA02 uses a new cutter-type knife -- even if the blade is broken, a new blade will come out from the back by pushing a button, making the knife useable again. It is often called in its abbreviated form: Prog Knife.


[The Red Earth Purification Ceremony] (AkiChi no MISOGI)

A word spoken by the members of Seele in ep.26, when Geo-Front reverted itself back into the "Black Moon" i.e. the Egg of Lilith. "Misogi" originally means a religious ceremony in which body is cleansed through bath in water. As an extension it means any method used to purify or sanctify a certain object. While there is a theory that the etymology of ADAM, the ancestor of all human, is red or earth, its link with the "Red Earth" is unclear.

[Rite of Passage] (TSUUKAGIREI)

A ritual ceremony performed when a person changes his identity in the society and acquires new responsibilites. It is a declaration to outside about the personal change in a social sense. It is also a prayer for safe and peace to come with the change. In ep.25 "Air", members of SEELE comment that the Human Complementation Plan is "the Rite of Passage aimed to bring new vigour to human which has become blocked-out"