The Red Cross Book: The Third Page


[Ibuki Maya]

Second Lieutenant. Belonged to the First Section of the Bureau of Techonology in NERV HQ, she is responsible for tasks like the monitoring of the Synchronisation Rate of EVA pilots and the gathering and analysis of EVA-related data. She respects very much Dr.Akagi Ritsuko, her immediate superior. For personal character, it is said that she is fastidious, but honest and sincere.

Birthday July 11. Bloodtype A. Age 24

[Ikari Gendou]

The commander of the secret agency NERV. His old surname was Rokubungi (PY: it means sextant). He changed his name after he married Ikari Yui, whom he knew since student years. He became the president of the Research Institue for Artificial Evolution, which was actually a front cover for the works of "E Project". After Yui died, he busied himself with "Adam Project" and "Human Complementation Project". He got the support from SEELE, and managed to realise things like the construction of EVA. However, his "honeymoon" with SEELE lasted only until the elimination of the last Angel. Afterwards, their differences in objectives became apparent and it developed into violent military clashes.

Birthday April 29. Bloodtype A.

[Ikari Shinji]

Third Children. The dedicated pilot of EVA-01. Lost his mother when he was still young, he spent his life until 14 living under an acquaintance of his father. He was summoned by his father Ikari Gendou, the chief commander of secret agency NERV, just when the 3rd Angel came to attack, and thus became a EVA pilot. Although afterwards he stayed in Neo-Tokyo-3, he lives in the apartment of his superior Katsuragi Misato because there is a deep communcation gap between him and his father, who had been seperated from him for a long time.

Having an introvert character, he often minds how he is looked at by others. And since he is weak at self-expression and communication with others, he frequently engages in repetition of avoiding problems and disobeying orders. When NERV was attacked by the Strategic Self-Defence Force, he was trapped in a state of lost self. This is why his counter-attack was procrastinated.

Birthday June 6. Bloodtype A. Age 14

[Ikari Yui]

Wife of Ikari Gendou. It seems that at the very beginning she belonged to SEELE. She was married to Gendou (originally Rokubungi Gendou), whom she knew since the Kyoto University years, and gave birth to Shinji. After marriage, she worked with Gendou in GEBIRTH and spent a lot of effort towards the success of "E Project". Died in an accident during an experiment in 2004. Nevertheless, her soul stayed on within EVA-01. It seems that this accident was actually intended by her will. Age when she died: 27.




[Kaji Ryouji]

Belonged to the Special Surveillance Department of the Secret Agency NERV. He also belonged to the Investigation Department of the Internal Ministry of the Government of Japan. Taking orders from SEELE, he infiltrated in NERV to find out its secrets. He arrived at Japan from the Germany branch of NERV, together with the Second Children and EVA-02. He quitted from the Germany branch, and without going back, stayed and worked in NERV HQ. Katsuragi Misato used to be his lover in his student years but later seperated from each other. They resumed their relationship after Kaji came back to Japan. Because of his own curiosity, he made enemies and was consequently killed by gunfire. He left the product of all his investigation to Misato.

Birthday June 17. Bloodtype A.

[Katsuragi Misato]

Rank: Major. Belonged to the first section of military operation bureau of the tactical miliatry operations department in NERV HQ. She is also the the leader of the military operations headquarter, responsible for the military command of EVA's. She was saved by her father, whom she hated, from the Second Impact. The fact that as a result she lost her father damaged her mentally and this manifested externally as a long period of agnosia (loss of speech). She sees the image of her father in the pendant of cross that she wears. While she is inside NERV, she always keeps a weary suspicion feeling towards the behaviour of Commander Ikari. With the information left by her lover Kaji Ryouji, she pursued after the truth on her own.

Birthday: December 8. Bloodtype A. Age 29

[Keel Lorentz]

The chairman of the Committee of Human Complementation, also the director of SEELE. His body is totally machine from backbone down. He gave instructions of direct occupation of the secret agency NERV, so as to start complementation with EVA-01.



The liquid that fills the cockpit of the Entry Plug. It is sticky and has the smell like blood. It was discovered that when its molecular arrangement is changed by electricity charge, the liquid can perform several functions including the mental link between EVA and her pilot, supplying oxygen and providing both physical and mental protection to the pilot. The liquid that fills the lowest floor of the Terminal Dogma where Lilith was located is also L.C.L. "L.C.L." is the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid". There are many theories as to what exactly L.C.L. is, but it seems that in fact it is what was called "the soup of life".


A giant crucified on a red cross at the extreme depth under NERV HQ. Its face is covered with a mask which has the Arm of SEELE drawn on it. Its hands are penetrated by nails that are stuck on the cross. Although it does not have the lower body when it was pierced by the Spear of Longinus, it grows its lower body after the Spear was pulled out.

Originally the Human Complementation Plan planned to use this Lilith. However SEELE changed the plan after the Spear was lost, and they attempted to use EVA01 for Complementation purpose. At that moment, Keel Lorentz says this is "the copy of Lilith". By this it seems that EVA01 was actually made by copying Lilith.

By the way, in the preaching literatures of the Rabbis, it was said that Lilith (Lilit) was the very first wife of Adam. It was also said that between Adam and Lilith were born the demons and spirits.


The name used by Nagisa Kaworu to mean human. From the legends, Lilin (the name Lil-Im is also used) was the children born between Adam and his very first wife Lilith. After that, Lilith became a demon who attacked the new-born babies, and seduced men who are sleeping so that they ejaculated in their sleep.



A supercomputer whose foundation theory was completed by the late Dr.Akagi Naoko and implemented by her daughter, Dr.Akagi Ritsuko. It is said that MAGI is the brain of the secret agency NERV. It devises, revises and solves many of its mysteries and plans. MAGI is composed of three systems: MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3. Final decision is made after the conference of these 3 computers.

This computer is similar to human not just in the sense that it re-creates on a computer the dilemmas usually held by human, it is also similar in the sense that it uses a personality-transplant-OS which has the thought logic pattern of human transplanted to the computer. The thought logic pattern transplated to MAGI is that of Dr.Akagi Naoko. MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3 has the transplanted thought pattern of Naoko as a scientist, a mother and a woman respectively.

By the way, the name of "MAGI" comes from the name for the three wise men from the east who prophesized the birth of Jesus (PY's note: this seems to be a bit misinforming?) in the New Testament of Bible. MELCHIOR, BALTHASAR and CASPER are their respective names.

At the beginning of movie ep.25 "Air", started from MAGI #2 at Matsushiro, the five builds of MAGI from Germany, USA and China etc. tried to hack into the original MAGI sitting in the NERV HQ.

[Mark of NERV]

The Secret Agency NERV has a mark which is composed of three parts: the name of the organisation, a picture and a motto. The name of the organisation is the 4 character word "NERV". The motto is "God is in his heaven. All right with the world" (PY: the Japanese translation of this English motto is given in the original text, which would be pointless to translate back into English :-) , a section taken from "Pippa Passes", written by a 19th century poet Robert Browning. And then the picture is a half piece of fig leaf. The fig leaf, accoring to legend, is the symbol of the original sin which entangled Adam and Eve. It reminds us of the human who ate the Fruit of Wisdom.

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