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[Enchantment/Haunt] (IDAI/yoridake)

An object to which spirits stick. Also an object that becomes a media through which spirits manifest themselves. At ep.26, when SEELE uses EVA01 and converts it into a Tree of Life, Fuyutsuki uses this term in comment.

[Entry Plug]

A capsule-shaped cockpit inside which the EVA pilot sits. EVA is started by the insertion of such plug into its back neck (the same applies to the virtual entry plug -- dummy plug). In emergency the plug can be ejected and becomes an evacuation capsule. The plug is equipped with parachute and ejection rocket for this purpose.


The formal name is "General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Combat Weapon - Artificial Human (Adroid) Evangelion" [Hanyou Ninkei Kessen Heiki - Jinzou Ningen Evangerion]. In order to implement the Human Complementation Project, 14 years of time and astronomical amount of money were used to build Evangelion. Being able to deploy A.T.Field as well as neutralize it, it is the only weapon that human have to counter the Angels. It takes its power from electricity and without external supply it can maintain only 5 minutes of activity. Thus usually it takes the electrical power it needs throught Umbilical Cable. (EVA from EVA-05 onwards does not need this cable because it has the S^2 Engine)

Originally EVA does not have soul. To have a soul in EVA, EVA-01 had the soul of Ikari Yui living in it.

The origin of the name "EVA" was thought to derive from EVA, the wife of Adam, from the "Old Testament" of Bible, and "Evangel", the English for the gospel.

[Evangelion mass-produced model (EVA series)] (Evangerion RYOUSANKI)

The nine EVA (EVA-05 to EVA-13) built at different NERV branches. Different from the existing EVA's, these EVA's are under the command of SEELE, not NERV. Since they have S^2 Engine mounted, they have infinite active duration, and thus do not need Umbilical Cables. They also have foldable wings which enable them to fly. In order to start the Human Complementation Project, SEELE throw them into their battle against NERV, and as a group they destroy EVA-02.


EVA-01 TEST TYPE. The first EVA to be thrown into real battle. It is the second EVA, after EVA-00, that was built in EVA HQ. Although it contributes a lot in its participation of many battles against Angels, it also behaves unexpectedly in many occasions: going berserk, starting up without the presence of Entry Plug, staying active after its activity time limit etc. It obtained the S^2 Engine directly by defeating and devouring the 14th Angel.

Colouring is purple. Dedicated pilot is Third Children -- Ikari Shinji. It seems that inside it lives the soul of his mother -- Ikari Yui. Also, it seems that the physical body of EVA-01 was made using Lilith. This is why in the case when the Spear of Longinus was lost, EVA-01 became the only substitute of Lilith as the tool for Human Complementation.

Eva-02 (NIGOKI)

EVA-02 PRODUCTION MODEL. The first EVA in the world to be built for real battles. Design and manufacture of components were done by Japan. The final assembly and start-up experiment were done in Germany. It went through a real battle when it battled with the 6th Angel which suddenly appeared during its delivery to Japan. Afterwards, it joined in the defence of Neo-Tokyo-3 and assumed the responsibility of ambushing the Angels. Colouring is red. Dedicated pilot is Second Children -- Souryu.Asuka.Langley. Inside EVA-02 lived the soul of Asuka's mother -- Souryu.Kyouko.Langley.


[First Children]

It means Ayanami Rei, the first suitable person picked by Marduk organisation. She acts as the "experimented" for all experiments related to E-Plan like the start-up experiment of EVA etc. She participated in real battles as the dedicated pilot of EVA-00, and completed many ambush operations against the Angels.

[Fruit of Life] (SEIMEI no MI)

It is mentioned by Fuyutsuki in ep.26 as the thing that Angels have. It is written in "Genesis" of "Old Testament Bible" that at the centre of Eden there were the "Tree of Wisdom" and "Tree of Life". Human disobeyed the order from God and ate the "Fruit of Wisdom". But what if the "Fruit of Life" was instead eaten? Could the answer be the Angels?

Moreover, the myth has it that one can live forever if he eats the fruit from the Tree of Life.

[Fruit of Wisdom] (CHIE no MI)

That which is held by human. The product of this wisdom seems to be "Science", which is praised by Gendou as "the power of human" but ridiculed by Fuyutsuki as what "caused the Second Impact". Both EVA and the Human Complementation Plan are all the products of this wisdom.

From Genesis of the Old Testament of Bible, it was said that at the centre of the Garden of Eden beside the Tree of Life, there was a Tree of Wisdom -- a Tree that knows good and evil. Human disobeyed the order of God and ate its fruit. As a result God banished human from the Garden of Eden and imposed many constraints of freedom on human. If that is the case, does it mean that human got wisdom in exchange for banishment from the Garden?

[Frigate] (Furigeeto KAN)

A military ship standing by at the underground lake inside Geo-Front. It has the high speed and sea-worthiness of a destroyer and can be used for anti-submarine, anti-air and alert patrol purposes. Since the ship belongs to NERV, at the broadsides of the ship the printed letters of "NERV" could be seen. In eps.25 "Air", it is destroyed by the fighting between EVA02 and JSDF.

[Fuyutsuki Kouzou]

The deputy commander of the secret agency NERV. Before the Second Impact, he taught in the University of Kyoto as the professor of Meta-Biology. It is at the same place that he got to know Ikari Yui and Rokubungi Gendou. Even shortly after the Second Impact, he was in opposition to Gendou. However, after their meeting at the Research Institute for Artificial Evolution, he suddenly changed and started to help Gendou. It also seems that he holds not just a little good feeling towards Ikari Yui.


[Gaf's Room] (Gabu no HEYA)

A word spoken by Fuyutsuki in ep.26. He said that the opening of Gaf's Room has the same meaning as the start of the world as well as the opening of the door of the finale. When this door is open, the surface of the Earth turns to LCL, human can no longer keep intact their physical forms as individuals but return to LCL form. At TV ep.21, Ritsuko also mentioned the Gaf's Room.


A big underground city buried deep underground below Neo-Tokyo-3. This was built using an pre-existing spherical cavity (though most of it had been under earth and dust at first). Its ceiling was almost totally destroyed when in ep.25 the Strategic Self-Defence Force mounted their attack against NERV, and Geo-Front became exposed to outside.

NERV HQ is located at the centre of Geo-Front, and is surrounded by big forests and underground lakes. The many high-rising buildings that hang upside-down on the top part of Geo-Front are the "Celing City (Tenjou Toushi)". It looks exactly the same as Neo-Tokyo-3 that sits above it, and is used to accomodate the sunken buildings of Neo-Tokyo-3 when an Angel comes to attack.

After the start of the Human Complementation Plan, we know that this cavity


[Human Complement Project] (JINRUI HOKAN KEIKAKU)

A plan to induce artificial evolution for human, who had reached an impasse in becoming a colony of worthless, to become a total single-form organism. It was under the direction of SEELE, and the secret agency NERV was the implementation organisation. However, the expectations of SEELE seems to be different from the objective of NERV (which means the objective of Gendou and Fuyutsuki).

EVA was in fact not planned as a weapon. It was built with the aim to realise this plan. More specifically, it seems that the plan is to artificially start the Third Impact, thus erasing all human, and after human shed their physical form, they will then evolute into a new stage.

[Hyouga Makoto]

Rank lieutenant, belonged to the first section of the Bureau of Combat Operation of the Central Combat Operation Command Deparment in NERV. He serves as the combat aide-de-camp for Misato, the leader of the Combat Operation HQ, and also responsible for things like analysis of the combat situation. He has some good feeling towards Misato, his superior, and lends his hand for her objectives, collecting intelligence information for her at many occasions.

Birthday February 13th. Bloodtype B.

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