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This is the order sent out by the government of Japan at Neo-Tokyo-2 in "Air", ep.25. The order means the "abolishment of the special legal protection towards the intelligence organsization NERV, and the transfer of its command to the government of Japan". Since "A-17" was issued when the 8th Angel was captured, there has been other "A-" orders. They were all emergency action orders related to NERV


The first Angel. The giant of light spotted in Antartica. The rumour that Adam was confined deep underground below NERV HQ turned out to be false information. The giant underground is in fact Lilith. The real Adam is the embryo-looking object brought by Kaji from Germany. This object was created by human when they restored Adam back to the embryonic state after they woke it up with S^2 Theory. This process seemed to be what had caused the Second Impact.

[Akagi Ritsuko]

A scientist belonging to the first section of the Techology Bureau of the Technology Development Department in NERV HQ. She is responsible for the E Project and is the daughter of Dr.Akagi Naoko, who built the basic system of MAGI. Usually in white coat, she consumes lots of coffee and tobacco when she works. She is also a friend of Katsuragi Misato since college years. Although like her mother she engaged in adultery with Ikari Gendou, she rebelled against him at the final stage of the Complementation Plan. As an act of taking revenge on him, she destroyed all the copies of Ayanami Rei. As a result, she was placed under solitary confinement within NERV HQ. However, since she is needed for the self defence of MAGI, she is released. Birthday is November 21. Bloodtype B. Age 30.

[Angels] (SHITO)

Some lifeforms originated from the source of lifeform which is called "Lilith". It could be any size or shape: a big octahedral, a form as small as the size of bacteria, or even a shadow which has no tangible form. Borrowing the words from Fuyutsuki's dialogue in ep.26, it seems that "Angels" got the "Fruit of Life" whereas human got the "Fruit of Intelligence". It can be said that "Angels" is just another form of human, with the same probability of appearance as human. Human is thus the 18th Angel.

[Aoba Shigeru]

An operator of the Central Military Operaton Room in NERV HQ. His rank is lieutenant. His responsibilities include communication, and data analysis. His hobby is guitar. Birthday is May 5. Bloodtype A


A rectangular shaped boat. From Exodus in the Old Testament of Bible, Noah received a revelation from God to build a huge Ark and put all animals pair by pair onto it, thus saving all species from a world-scale flood.

In ep.26 the dialogue said by Fuyutsuki, "Is it becoming an Ark which saves human from the nothingness of Third Impact?", touches on this legend

[A.T. Field]

Abbreviation of "ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD". A physical barrier of absolute field put out by the Angels and EVA's. It boasts enormous defensive power, and it is able to greatly reduce the power of all attacking weapons. The ability of EVA to neutralize the A.T.Field of the Angels is one major reason why EVA was considered as the only weapon against the Angels. However, the same A.T.Field does not exist only in the Angels or EVA's. Human also possesses this field. With this A.T.Field, human is able to keep seperate from each other, and to stay in seperate physical forms. Nagisa Kaworu explained A.T.Field as "a barrier of heart that everybody has".

[Ayanami Rei]

First Children. The dedicated pilot of EVA-00. A young girl who apparently lacks emotions. Her body was actually salvaged from what was left behind of Yui's body inside EVA, and a lot of body copies were later prepared in the Terminal Dogma so that when one Rei dies she could be replaced by another. The present Rei is the third one. The first was killed by Dr.Akagi Naoko; the second was killed in her battle against the 16th Angel. Although the personalities of these 3 Rei are different from each other, this is due to the environment. Their soul is one and the same. Also, it seems that this soul was somehow derived from Lilith.

At the final stage of the Complementation Program, she betrayed Gendou, returned to Lilith out of her own judgement and handed the future to Gendou's son -- Ikari Shinji. Birth date unknown.



A general name for phenol resin, used for heat and electrical isolation. The Bakelite used in situations like stopping the EVA00 which ran berserk during an experiment and transportation of ADAM etc is one of the thermostatic plastic, which has the property of drying super quick to become something like concrete. Since all physical motions of an object, when wrapped by this Bakelite, can be brought to a halt, it is also used to prevent the intrusion of NERV HQ by the Strategic Self-Defence Force in ep.25 "Air". On the other hand, JSDF also uses Bakelite to cut off any physical contact between Third Children and EVA00.

[BC Weapon] (B C HEIKI)

Biological and Chemical Weapon, meaning weapons like poison gas or bacteria. "B" and "C" are the first alphabet of "Biological" and "Chemical" respectively. In ep.25 "Air", Aoba Shigeru feared that the Strategic Self Defense Force might deploy the BC Weapon.

[Black Moon] (KUROki TSUKI)

The word used by SEELE to describe the egg of Lilith, the source of life. In ep.26, when Human Complementation Plan started, we know that the huge underground cavity underneath Neo-Tokyo-3 which later became Geo-Front is in fact the "Black Moon".


[Central Dogma]

A huge and wide underground area directly beneath NERV HQ. Its lowest level has a sea of LCL and Lilith who was cruficied on a red cross. By the way, in biological terms, "Central Dogma" means the irreversible information flow that occurs in the transformation DNA -> RNA -> protein.

[Community/Colony] (GUNTAI)

Misato used this word when she said that human are "a colony of worthless" from the point of view from the Complementation Plan. For colony, it originally means a group of individual organism linked to each other, each of them can produce new individuals by splitting or budding. Each individual organism within a colony can live as its own independently.

[Command Centre (literal translation: Command Announcement Office] (HATSUREISHO)

A command room located inside the Central Combat Operation Room of NERV HQ. It reminds one of the bridge of a military ship. During combat, seven people including the commander, deputy commander, combat operation leader would gather in this place to form the core staff. All the instructions would then come from this room.

There are more than two such command centres in NERV HQ. Since the first was destroyed during the intrusion by the 14th Angel, the second command centre is currently in use.

By the way, below the command centre are three secondary command centres and the original MAGI systems are installed there. This becomes the cause of the hesitation of the invading JSDF over their tactics.


The persons picked by Marduk, the consultative body directly under the Human Complementation Committee, (in fact NERV is Marduk) who can pilot EVA. According to the order of being chosen, the persons are called First, Second, Third etc. What is common to all of them is that they are all young boys and girls who do not have mothers.

By the way, the candidates of Children are grouped in Class 2-A of the First Municipal Junior High of Neo-Tokyo-3.



In ep.26, when Hyouga checks on the status of EVA-01, he confirms that the Destrado of the pilot -- Ikari Shinji -- is getting physical (PY: or un-metaphysical, material).

Destrado is, according to the theory advocated by E.Weiss, the energy of the self-destructive impulse. It is the antonym of Libido. Its meaning is different from the energy of "Instinct of Death", advocated by P.Federn, the master of Moltedor-Weiss.

[Dummy Plug]

A virtual Entry Plug which was developed for starting and using EVA without the pilot. Even though it has a copy of the personal pattern of the Children, the digitization of the soul is impossible. Thus the Dummy Plug can only serve to simulate the thought pattern. The Dummy Plug prepared by NERV had the copy of the personal pattern of First Children (Ayanami Rei). On the other hand, the Dummy Plug prepared by SEELE used the personal pattern of the Fifth Children (Nagisa Kaworu).

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