The End Of Evangelion

Episode 26: My Purest Heart For You -AND- One More Final: I need you.

(Terminal Dogma, Gendou stands with Rei) Gendou tells Rei that he has brought Adam with him and that the time is approaching for Adam and Lillith's forbidden unification. Rei's AT-Field will be unable to keep her form (Rei's left arm falls off, revealing her bone), so there is no time. Gendou tells rei to free the barrier of her soul (AT-Field) and cast away her useless shell. Gendou places his hand on Rei's breast and then penetrates it. From their he moves down to her abdommen and deposits Adam in her womb. At this Rei cringes in pain...

Episode 26- My Purest Heart For You

(Above the Geo-Front) Eva-01 is in the sky hovering with orange glowing wings. Shinji is motinonless inside until he looks up and sees the remains of Eva-02 being eaten by the Eva mass production models, Shinji's eyes dialate and he screams... (In terminal Dogma) Rei: Ikari-kun! (Back w/ Eva-01) Eva-01's shoulder panels break off and its wings take the form of a cross. the Spear of Longinuss releases itself fro the moon and comes hurdling down towards Eva-01. The spear arrives and stops only inched from Eva-01's neck. Back in NERV Fuyutski says: "Oh no! Is that the Spear of Longinuss?"

(SEELE's chamber) SEELE reports that the original spear has arrived back in their hands and that the time has arrived. The number of spears is not what they had wanted, but it is sufficient. They chant togeather that it is now time for their Angels, Eva series, to bring them the word. "Return mankind to the way they were through death and prayer." Keel: "Let our ceremony begin."

(Above the Geo-Front) A Eva MP drops the torso of Eva-02 and makes its Spear of Longinuss replica grow piercing Eva-01's side. Other MP's join in and soon Eva-01 has lances in it's palms as well. Eva-01 is now in a crucifixon position. The MP Evas then bite onto Eva-01's wings and begin to bring it further into the earth's atmosphere.

Once Eva-01 and the Mass production eva's are higher, the MP's detach from Eva-01 and fly into a strange formation. Eva-01's power shuts off and Shinji looks at the wound in his palms (the stigmata).

The Eva MP's begin to glow and discs of rainbow color form around them. Back at NERV Fuyutsuki comments that it will be an "Anti At-Field" Eva MP's arrangement now becomes clear as the Tree of Life froms around them. In NERV, Maya notices this and says that is must be a sign of 3rd Impact as was predicted.

JSSDF officers stand below, staring at Eva-01 and the Eva MP's. One says, "Unfortunately, we have failed our mission." Then a huge explosion erupts across Japan, digging in around the Geo-Front and giving it its true form: Black Moon- Lillith's egg, the source of human life. "We do not wish to return to our shell at this point. But I suppose it will be left up to Lillith now." says Fuyutsuki.

(Back In Terminal Dogma) Gendou tells Rei to guide him to lillith and bring him to Yui. But Rei's body tighyly pulls onto Gendou's arm (which is still within Rei) Gendou is surprised and Rei says "I am not your doll." Gendou's hand is pulled within Rei and Gendou grabs his arm in pain. Rei's arm re-grows then she flies up to Lillith telling Gendou that Ikari-kun is calling her. Gendou remains on the ground calling for Rei to take him with her. When Rei reaches Lillith she says to her "I am back." (black screen w/ type: "Welcome home") Then Rei is pulled within Lillith. Her heart beats and her legs fully form. She removes herself from the cross and lands in the LCL below. Next the mask w/ 7 eyes falls from her face and she begins to take the form of Rei. Gendou stands below, his eyes wide.

Back in NERV, Huyuga reports that something w/ a blue blood pattern is approaching from below. Maya asks if it's an Angel but Huyga says "No! It's human!" Just then, Lillith rises through the command center. When the hand of Lillith goes through Maya she grabs her face and srceams "Nooooo! Noooooo!!!"

High above the Geo-Front, floating in the Earth's atmoshere, are Eva-01 and the rest of the Evangelion Mass Production models. Withing Eva-01's entry plug Shinji stares at Misato's blood-spattered cross pendant. He then brings his hands to his face and says "damn it... damn it.." just then the giant entity of Lillith and Rei rises passed the clouds. She is completely white execpt for her round black eyes. Shinji looks at this in horror and says "Ayanami.... Rei!?" Rei's eyes return to their familiar red color and Shinji screams.

In SEELE's chamber, they begin to chant that now human can be restored by the ego that is missing from Shogoki's (Eva-01's) pilot. Now it will result in the Third Impact.

The Eva MP's fly into a new formation and Huyga reports that their AT-Fields are resonating togeather. Fuyutsuki says "Are them going to assimilate with Rei?" Then the heads of the Eva series take on many human faces all resembling Rei. Shinji begins to crack as he sees this and when one of the faces looks him in the eye he once again begins to scream, calling for Asuka to help him. Eva-01 begins to scream as well, and the core is exposed through its chest.

Huyuga says that Shinji's signal is rapidly going down and Fuyutsuki explains that his ego may not be able to handle anymore.

Within Eva-01's entryplug, Shinji is curled into ball in the corner repeating "i give up... i give up... i give up..." then he hears a soothing voice say "You gave up?" Shinji looks up ans seeing Kaworu he begins to smile and says "kaworu-kun? You were there" It can be seen that the form of Rei is still protruding from Kaworu's back. Kaworu takes Eva-01 in its hands and the wings dissapear. The Spear of Lonignuss is approached Eva-01's core and the core opens up to accomodate it. As it enters, Eva-01 is engulfed in a tree-like cross with roots branching off.

Watching from the command center, Fuyutsuki says that "the fruit of wisdom of humans, and the fruit of Life from Angels- possesing both in its hands Eva-01 is acting as God, after Third Impact it will either be and Ark to save mankind or the demon that destroyed it. The choice is now up to the son of Ikari." Maya pulls on Shigeru's shirt and says "We are right, aren't we?" Shigeru responds "how do I know?"

The giant cross now forms dozens of eyes where the Spear is protruding from. As Kaworu holds the cross he turns back into Rei. Within Eva-01 Shinji remains smiling, his mother comes to him and says "Rei is now a mirror of you soul." Rei: "What do you wish for?"

(Shinji, 3 yrs old, at a playground) Shinji says it's the same as when he first learned cello... A young girl calls to Shinji and asks him to help her and her friend build a sand-castle. Shinji happily accpets and three children begin to work on the castle. It can be seen that the two other children are different then Shinji. The children look up and see their mothers and call "mommy! Guess what we did today!!" then run off to their moms leaving Shinji alone. Shinji continues to work on the pyramid of sand. The sun goes down and Shinji finally completes the pyramid castle, alone. He looks at it for a while. Then he becomes angry and violently kicks it in and destroys it. When he sees it gone he begins to cry and starts re-building it.

Asuka: You! Watching you is so frustrating!!!

Shinji: Is it because I am like you

-Asuka:(screaming) momma!!!-

-Asuka:(sleeping) momma....-

Shinji on a NERV catwalk: Mom...

Misato: Afterall this, I wasn't a mother to Shinji.

(Misato's appt, [college]) Misato lies in bed with Kaji, telling him she wants to do it. Kaji says to her "again? Don't you need to see your friend?" Maisto says that she's getting the hang of it and she still has time. Misato's legs rise and fall with deep breathing as Kaji makes love to her. Shinji stands next to the bed, holding misato's cross, and asks if this is Misato doing these things. Misato tells Shinji it is. Now that their hearts are one she is showing him a side of her he didn't know. "The truth hurts" Misato's legs are reflected by Shinji's eyes. Asuka says "Oh no! Will I do these things when I grow up?"

Asuka asks Shinji if her wants to kiss and she wals up to him and tells him he doesn understand anything. He tells her he does, that he undersatnds her bu she kicks his leg and says "no you don't you idiot! What? Do you think you can save me?" Shinji says to her "I can't understand you, you never tell me anything, you never talk to me. How could I understand you? It's impossible"

(On a trolly car [see episode 16 -b.]) Rei: Did you try ikari-kun? Shinji tells he yes. Asuka calls him an idiot and says "I know you toyed w/ me. Do it again, here. I'll watch. (Shinji/Asuka hospital scene of "Air" is shown)

Asuka pins Shinji to the seat of the trolly with her leg and tells him "If you wont be all mine, I don't want any of you.", Shinji looks into asuka's breats, but looks up to her and says "then be nice to me." Asuka/rei/Misato appear and say "I'm nice to you" suddenly they shatter as Shinji yells "liar! You mask it behind a smile, you want to leave it unclear!" Rei tells him that the truth will hurt." Shinji tells them to let him hear their voice, to be with him, to not kill him, "Please care for me!!!" He looks at them on the trolly.

(Misato's appt.) Asuka is sitting at the table in the kitchen, he head down. Shinji walks in and tells her that he wants to be with her forever and to help her. Asuka tells him that he should leave her alone, all he does is hurt her. Shinji asks her to help him. "It has to be you" Asuka: "Liar." She tells him it doesn't matter who helps him. Nobosy exists in his world but him, and he hates himself. "Because I'm the weakest you want me to help." Asuka pushed Shinji into the table and he falls down along with a pot of hot coffee. Asuka looks at him on the floor and says "Pathetic." Shinji struggles to stand up, asking her for help. When he is standing he tips the table over, and throws chairs screaming: "Somebody help me....don't leave me alone! Don't abandon me! Don't kill me!!!!" He breathes hard, Asuka: [No.] Shinji is silent, then he lunges forward and grabs Asuka's throat. He squeezes. Asuka's feet leave the floor as Shinji strangles her. ["Komm susser Tod" begins to play.]

(Child-like images of abused children drawn with crayons are shown. Others include two fish in a bucket under the sun, a dead dog that was hit by a car and a fish head in a jar of water. Then images of the TV series are shown, some shots are done from the back of the animation cel) Shinji discusses the phiosophy of his life and what he lives like. Shinji explains noone understands him and Rei says that its because he didn't understand anything. Shinji says "Nobody understands me. I wish everyone was dead." (Silent) Shinji screams.

In NERV command center, Huyga says that Shinji's response is almost 0. Shigeru tells them that GeoFront and the Evas have passed E-level and have entered space itself. The anti At-Field of Lillith expands and is materialized. Giant white Rei/Lillith arrives in space with the GeoFront and Evas and takes hold of the Black Egg (GeoFront). Fuyutsuki says "Gauff's door is opening. The door to the beginning and the end of the world. Will it open at last?"

In the passages of NERV, a spirit-like Rei in school unifrom appears above each dead body, includind Misato and Ritsuko. The bodies have turned into LCL.

In NERV command center Huyga looks in horror as a Rei arrives on his desk, but this rei turns into Misato who takes him in her arms and kisses him deeply. Then he turns into LCL. Shigeru cowers in the corner as dozens of Rei gather behind him, as one touched him he turns to LCL as well. Fuyutsuki loooks up and sees a Yui comming down. He says, "Iakri, were u able to see yui again?" And as Yui caresses his cheek he turns to LCL. Maya looks at her notebook pc and says "AT-Fields are gone, life cannot hold its physical form..." As he hands shake they are held by Ritsuko who types "I need you" on Maya's PC. Maya looks at her and says "Senpai???" Ritsuko holds Maya tightly and Maya too is turned to LCL.

W/ SEELE, As the monoliths of SEELE dissapear Keel says "The end is the new beginning, good. Everything is alright." Then Keel is turned to LCL [an artificial spine and head set are visible].

Terminal Dogma- Gendou lays on the ground, holding his arm. He says "This I have waited for, to see you again Yui." Yui smiles. "Gendou says if he goes to Shinji, he'll only hurt him. "Yui asks Gendou why he feared Shinji." and gendou answers because Shinji would have loved him unconditionally, and "I do not deserve that love." Kaworu tells Gendou that he is running away. Gendou looks on and says "this is the result of my choice, I am so sorry my son." And a devilish Eva-01 takes hold of gendou and bites his torso off. At terminal dogma, someone picks up Gendou's glasses. It can be seen that it is Rei then the three clones of Rei stand togeather.

In space the Eva MP's thrust their Spear of Longinuss replicas through their cores, The faces of the Evas scream in agony until the spear is completely through them.

The earths surface can be seen as billion of crosses of light ignite across the planet, the souls of mankind [note: the crosses are CG by Production I.G., fairly impressive too]. The LCL of the world returns to Lillith/Rei and into her palms [think wounds of Christ].

An opening appears in Rei/Lillith's forehead with an eye inside. The cross containing Eva-01 enters into it and it taken within Rei. Shinji looks up and sees thousands of Reis "swimming" inside. At this point an incomprehensible collage of images, sounds, and voices are shown very quickly. There are images from the film as well as the TV series along with chara sketches, etc.

Shinji lays at the bottom of an ocean (?) and Misato is above him saying he can stop if it hurts too much. Misato turns into Rei who says he can run away if he doesn't like it. (blurred scenes of sex(?) are show) Misato says "You want peace of mind, correct? You want to make out bodies one." Asuka then says "no, not with you. Not even if I'm dead!"

->This is the live action portion of the film: Scenes of an empty theater, water, the sun and electric antennas, a train, a cat sitting on a sign, lamp posts, houses, fields, cities, a swing, and full theater are all shown with real [not animated] people.<- Shinji says, "I wonder.. what you dream." Misato: "Dream?" Rei: "Yes, dreams." (text: "Do you feel good?") Shinji says he just doen't understad life. Rei tells him he doesn't understand the connection between himself and others... -> scenes of a crowded street, also of another street where cosplayers of Misato, Asuka and Rei are walking. <- Shinji says he doesn't understand happines. And that this isn't reality because noone is here. Rei says "right, dreams." Shinji says he's not there either. Rei tells him it's because he ran away from reality. Reailty is made of dreams." Shinji asks where his reality is, and Rei tells him "That is where your dream ends."

Back in reality, the neck of Lillith/Rei opens and blood pours out into space.

Back with Shinji: Shinji looks up and sees naked Ayanami, sitting on his nude body. They are joined [note: not only sexually, but Rei's arms are inside Shinji's chest]. Shinji asks Rei where they are and she explains to him this is the ocean of LCL. Mankind is one now and they cannot tell where you end and another begins. Shinji asks if he died and Rei told him no, they are simply united as one. "this is the world you wished for." Shinji opens his fist and looks at Misato's cross. He lets hit go and watches as it floats between him and Rei. Shinji then says: " But, I don't think this is it. I don't think this is the one." Rei tells Shinji that is he wishes for other to exist again, the walls of their hearts will break people apart once more. "The fear of people will begin again." Shinji looks at the cross and says "It's okay." Then he take hold of Rei's arms and pulls them from his chest. He takes her hand in his and says, "Thank you."

Shinji's head is in Rei's lap now. He holds onto Misato's crucifix as he watches it float between her legs. Shinji: "I thought there was nothing good happening in this world. So I ran away. but, there wasn't anything good where I ran too, either." Kaworu appears infront of Rei and Shinji and warns "AT-Fields will hurt you and others again. Are you sure?" Shinji (in school uniform) says "That's fine." Rei and Kaworu explain that they are hope and love. "Hope that people will be able to understand eachother, accompanied with love." Shinji says people will abandon and betray him again, But I want to see them again. I think that feeling is true."

(with Eva-01 and Rei in space) Rei/Lillith bends backwards and her eye begins to pulsate, soon Eva-01 rips though and looks up. She lets out a roar and the wings of light once again appear. Rei's arms and head and torso begin to fall apart and pieces fall to the earths surface landing among the cross-shaped souls. Eva-01 takes hold of the Spear of Loniguss and it grows a second blade. The Spear lets out a beam that destroys the Spear replicas and kills the Eva Mass Porduction models. The Eva MP's become stone and descend back to earth, as they do the souls of man ascend into space. Yui tells Shinji: "Don't worry, their lives have the ability to recover. As long as they have a sould, they can find happiness." she continues "as long as there is a sun, a moon and the earth..... it will be alright" And with that the souls of mankind, Eva-01 and the Spear of Longinuss continue to ascend.

(Drop of water) Shinji's face is caressed by Yui. They are in the ocean of LCL and are slowly aprting directions. Yui is going down while Shinji is returning to reality. Yui asks SHinji if he is ok now. Shinji says that he doesn't know where happiness is, but he'll keep searching and thinking about it. "But mom? What will you do?" Flashback to Yui and Fuyutsuki under a treee overlooking a lake. Fuyutsuki asks if Eva was made to imitate God, and Yui says "yes. Man cannont live but on this planet. Yet Eva can live forever with a soul inside of it. Even when the sun, moon and earth are gone, it will be there. Even if just one can survive, it will be very lonely, but life will go no." Fuytuski: "We humans will exist, forever." Then we hear Shinji say, "Goodbye, mom."

The petrified corpses of the Evangelion Mass Production series stand in a red ocean. On the white beach lie two individuals. Shinji and Asuka. Shinji looks over and sees Rei standind above the red waters. Then she is gone. Shinji sits up and looks at Asuka. Her right arm is bandaged, along with her eye. Shinji then begins to strangle Asuka. She is emotionless. She slowly brings her bandaged hadn to Shinji's face and caresses hus cheek. Shinji looks surprised and begins to loosen his grip on her neck. Shinji hunches over and begins to sob quietly to himself. Asuka's eyes remain looking straight up. Then they move down to Shinji. Asuka then says "Kimochi warui." [I feel sick.]